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Embodied Decision-Making

The choices we make shape our experiences and determine our paths.  However, our ability to make solid decisions can often be fraught with uncertainty, conflicting feelings, and internal dilemmas. Sometimes we need external guidance and validation to help us navigate our own internal landscape and perceptual framing so we can make choices from a...

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Shamanic Practice, Mentoring, Business Mentoring, Business Energetics

How Spirit Allies can be used to guide us in Business

Frequent proximity to spirit, changes our frequency and alters how we sit in our being.  This is enhanced with regular cleansing.  Regularly removing metaphysical interference  establishes a new permanent baseline to elevate us to increasingly higher states and deeper guidance. Business owners that follow such practices therefore create positive...

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Shamanic Practice, Ancestral Healing

Exploring the Ethereal Realms for Personal and Professional Growth

The spirit world is an infinite, interconnected web of energies, beings, and realms that exist beyond our normal perception of reality. It’s a space where guides, ancestral spirits, and other ethereal entities reside, each playing a unique role. Engaging with the spirit world can offer insights, guidance, and healing that transcend ordinary...

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Work with Joseph

Let's go on a healing journey of transformation and evolution.

Open your being to your true nature and bring substance, majesty and awe back into your life and, if it resonates, awaken your power to the frequency of divine love.

Ascension Shamanism is much more than a school to learn Shamanism. It is bigger than the global collective of Shamanic Practitioners practicing Shamanic Clearing. It is greater than the accumulation of Shamanic Courses and workshops, and more appealing than the mentoring programmes that facilitate successful outcomes for our participants.

It's a community built on a deep understanding of the energetic and spiritual aspects of reality. Our integrity, dedication to profound learning experiences, and commitment to nurture and hold the frequency of Divine Grace in our participants is what's calling you here.

We're here not just to teach practical and grounded shamanic skills, but to light the way as you awaken to your soul's purpose and ancestral heritage. It's everyone's birthright to develop this skillset and become a fully functioning adult .

Embrace the awe in creation. Reconnect with your divine spark, your spirit teams, and your ancestors, and experience the life-changing transformation that awaits with our mentoring, training, clearing and healing packages.

Start your journey today, and let each step you take Fuel your Awakening.

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